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How Does The Affiliate Program Actually Work?

it's simple and very profitable

You direct a customer to our site. We give you a URL with a unique code so we can identify which sales are made by you. The URL sets a cookie on the visitor’s computer so we can identify him as belonging to you even if he navigates away and returns later.
You receive from us 20% on every customer prayer request directed by you. So if a customer chooses a popular delivery option of $49, you will earn $10. In case of express delivery option of $79, you will earn $16. The more clients you refer, the bigger the earnings!
You can choose to have your outstanding balance paid out via PayPal at any time by selecting the "Request Payment" button. It realy is that simple. PayPal may charge you a small transaction fee for receiving the money. All payments are in US dollars.
You will be able to check your earnings at any time on your affiliate dashboard. No technical knowledge required!
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Why we believe in your success with us!

Since 2007, more than 1000 people sent their prayers via TheKotelPrayer.com

We provide an unique service for people who are not living in Jerusalem and wish to place a prayer note in The Kotel - The Western Wall. We are located in Jerusalem Old City and our wish is to connect people with The Kotel - The Holy Western Wall in Jerusalem. With our service anyone can send prayer request from anywere at any language and we here in Jerusalem will place it in The Kotel. All customers will get Original Prayer Certificate to email as confirmation with every prayer request.

At all times people appealed to G-d and they believed in a fantastic power of their Hope, a power of their Faith, a power of their Prayers. Now days people from every race, nation, religion and gender write requests (prayer) concerning their health, financial difficulties and relationships. They ask for forgiveness, reconciliation and wishes of the heart. Then, they secrete their wishes within The Kotel - The Holy Western Wall in Jerusalem, city of all religions, The Kingdom of Heaven.

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The math is really simple. The more clients you refer, the bigger the earning!

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The Western Wall Prayer Delivery Service in Jerusalem

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