Since 2007, more than 1000 people sent prayers via TheKotelPrayer!

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Welcome Western Wall Prayer Delivery Service in Jerusalem

At all times people appealed to G-d and they believed in a fantastic power of their Hope, a power of their Faith, a power of their Prayers. Now days people from every race, nation, religion and gender write requests (prayer) concerning their health, financial difficulties and relationships. They ask for forgiveness, reconciliation and wishes of the heart. Then, they secrete their wishes within The Kotel - The Holy Western Wall in Jerusalem, city of all religions, The Kingdom of Heaven.
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Argentina - 17 Prayer Requests
Canada - 64 Prayer Requests
USA - 186 Prayer Requests
China - 32 Prayer Requests
Australia - 26 Prayer Requests
Brazil - 9 Prayer Requests
Russia - 29 Prayer Requests
Spain - 3 Prayer Requests
Switzerland - 15 Prayer Requests
South Africa - 4 Prayer Requests
Mexica - 3 Prayer Requests
Sweden - 28 Prayer Requests
Finland - 6 Prayer Requests
Colombia - 2 Prayer Requests
Ukraine - 7 Prayer Requests
Italy - 8 Prayer Requests
New Zealand - 4 Prayer Requests
Thailand - 2 Prayer Requests
Since 2007, more than 1000 people sent their prayers via TheKotelPrayer, We look forward to serve You!

Our Service

In Jerusalem - City of all Religions - The Kingdom of Heaven

Our location in Jerusalem Old City enables us to offer a special service for people who are not living in Jerusalem and wish to place a prayer note in The Kotel - The Western Wall. Our wish is to connect you with The Kotel - The Holy Western Wall in Jerusalem. With our service you can send prayer request from any were at any language and we here in Jerusalem will place it in The Kotel for you. We are respecting your privacy and committed that all the process of sending a prayer note is absolutely confidential. We will keep you inform by email upon placing your prayer and send you Original Prayer Certificate to your email as confirmation.

Send your prayer now and G-d will Bless You or learn more about our service

People Pray

They ask for Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Wishes of Their Heart

For Good Health

It is obvious and known before Your Throne of Glory That if but one of them were to be ruptured, Or but one of them were to be blocked. It would be impossible to survive and stand before You. In the...
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For Livelihood

It is You, the Lord our G-d, Who nourishes, sustains, and supports every living creature. Provide me with my allotment of bread, and bring forth food for me and all members of my household before I have...
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For Easy Birth

Master of the Universe, I thank You for Your graciousness in granting this pregnancy. May it be Your will, O G-d, our G-d, and G-d of our fathers, that You have mercy upon all pregnant women of Your nation that...
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